Need a pancake machine?
Kuypers is already since 1970 the specialist in pancake machines.

We know the market and the requirements of a professional pancake baker and we offer you a variety of machines from table top models to carousel machines.

Pancake machines can be successful everywhere:
In pancake houses, pancake restaurants, theme parks, fairgrounds, caf├ęs, sightseeing boats, campings and swimming pool locations.

We have covered the Dutch market for many years, but
we also have customers in Belgium, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Ireland and the UK. And through our partners also Germany, Austria and Switzerland are covered.


Our products
Our two-pan table top models and our rotating pancake
machines with 6,9,12 or 18 individually operated pans on
a turning wheel are both popular.

Check out our products...
Our rotating machines offer very high capacity and ease of use that enables lower personnel costs.

Check out our products...
Our two-pan table top models with upper heating are compact and have a capacity of about 80 plain pancakes per hour.