TABLE TOP MODEL 2-pan without upper heating
W 63 x D 38 x H 18 cm 230V -   2,8kW CE Capacity circa   30-40 p/h *
TABLE TOP MODEL 2-pan with upper heating 
W 65 x D 50 x H 65 cm (open) 400V -  5,6kW CE Capacity circa   60-80 p/h *

ROTATING MACHINES with hood, working height 85/90 cm, total height 110 cm. Rightwards and leftwards direction change with button.
  6-pan, Ø 110 cm 400V - 12,6kW CE Capacity circa   80-100 p/h *
  9-pan, Ø 140 cm 400V - 18,5kW CE Capacity circa 150-200 p/h *
12-pan, Ø 165 cm 400V - 28,7kW CE Capacity circa 250-300 p/h *
18-pan, Ø 230 cm 400V - 43,6kW CE Capacity circa 350-450 p/h *

* The capacity is based on the baking of plain pancakes by experienced personnel. The capacity numbers are indicative and no rights can be derived from these numbers.

For advice on the necessary capacity - call us!
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