From table top models to rotating machines
Kuypers offers you a variety of machines tuned to your company's specific needs. All machines are built for speed of production.

Two-pan machines
The two-pan table top models are compact and have a capacity from about 40 plain pancakes per hour (without upper heating elements) or about 80 plain pancakes per hour (with upper heating elements).
Upper heating elements means that you don't have to
turn the pancakes. This translates to a shorter baking
time and increased production. Upper and lower heating are individually adjustable.
Rotating machines
Our rotating pancake machines are completely built for high capacity production. They have 6,9,12 or 18 individually operating pans on a turning wheel. The upper heating under the hood means even faster baking.
The turning speed of the wheel is electronically and step-free adjustable from about 100 plain pancakes per hour to about 450 plain pancakes per hour. This means quick and easy production, without acrobatic manouvres.
You're are looking for increased profits?
A big advantage of these machines: lower personnel costs, a feature not to be undervalued. We can advise on the most profitable solutions for you.

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