Pancakes, delicious!
Pancakes: who isn't crazy about them? Traditionally baked with fresh ingredients, they come in a rich variety
of sorts, ranging from your own favourites to local and national specialities. And pancakes are also:
• popular with family and friends
• great as in-between meal or as a main course
• a treat during holidays or day trips
• a success at kids parties
• easy to make and tasty to eat
In short: Yummy! 

Pancakes: where?
Everywhere where lots of families with kids come, pancakes are best-sellers! Pancakes can be used as a complete formula or as a part of the menu.

Examples of total concepts:
• pancake house
• pancake restaurant
• pancake farm
• in theme parks and amusement parks
• on bungalow parks and in campings
• in fairgrounds and zoos
• on sightseeing boats and cruise ships
• in (subtropical) swimming pools 

As part of a wider menu:
• in lunchrooms
• in department stores
• in (beach)pavilions and on piers
• on train stations
• in your café
• on the terrace
• during your brunch-buffet (don't forget the kids!)
• at events
• during BBQs, parties and festivities
and therefore: something for you!


Kuypers is the specialist in pancake machines.

Already since 1970 we have specialized in pancake machines. We have large know-how. We know the market and the requirements that a pancake baker has. Our machines are therefore:
• of solid quality and built to last
• reliable with a large capacity

Especially our rotating pancake machines offer you:
• very large capacity, essential at peak hours
• quick preparation with double heating techniques: fast service!
• means: quicker customer seatings in your company and higher peak revenue
• with a maximum ease of use: one employee produces for two!
That means: higher productivity and therefore lower personnel costs!
Not for nothing was a pancake baking rekord in the Guinness Book of Records realised with one of our machines.